Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RegmagiK : Faster registry editing

RegMagik : Faster Registry Editing

Feel Regedit is slow ?
Try RegMagik
It's very fast, allows you to delete values fastly, has better search algorithm and also lists Invaild CLSID's.
But it's a trail-ware.

Dont worry here in this post , I will be discussing on how to carry and use RegmagiK for as long as you want.


  • Google RegmagiK or get the portable version from here.

  • When you face Trial Expiration or Warining Message, do the following --
    • Search RegMagik (Ctrl + F) for 'RegMagik'
    • Wait for the search to complete.
    • Delete all found matches. (Ctrl + A)
    • Then search for 'Guzner'
    • Do the same, search and delete
    • Restart RegMagik
    • Done. You should not see the expiration message now.

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