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  1. Nice script! Very convenient.

    I would like to make some changes for special behavior when coping specific content, but I can't de-compile the executable.

    Are you planning on releasing the source?

    1. Hey, Rob
      I will release the source with the next release.
      Stay Tuned!

      But, can I know what the change will you make. Is it only for your personal convenience or a publicly - productive one ?

    2. Hello Avi,

      Great, I see it wasn't a 1th of April joke :-)

      I copy a lot of information from 1 program to another, and the program I'm targeting only accepts it in a certain way. So I want to reformat it before pasting, which would be for personal convenience.

      Something related would be a trimming feature.
      For example copying cells from excel into notepad, there is always an enter at the end.
      I wouldn't know when to decide the clipboard should be trimmed or not though.

    3. Hi Rob,

      Here's the code I use to detect and if present trim the "Enter" at the end of Excel cells.
      Enter is really Carriage return and Linefeed, old typewriter jargon. 2 characters 0D0A in Hex and `n and `r in AHK, if `n is present `r normally is too hence:

      IfInString, Query, `n ;Check if the string has a new line character on it
      StringTrimRight, Query, Query, 2 ;if so strip it and the carriage return character too

      I've switched to using COM routines for extracting data or otherwise manipulating Excel, you may want to check it out, it's very sleek.


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    6. Excel People, please wait for the next release.
      That should fix the linefeed and duplicates problem

    7. version 3.0 fixes it all.
      Make sure you see Notes on Usage when facing problem.

  2. Excellent app Avi, very useful. I used and modified a previous AHK utility called ClipStep and continually had issues such as Microsoft Excel crashing and recovering because of the Office clipboard conflicting with ClipStep. That problem is gone now, thanks again!

    Luke V.

  3. 1. I LOVE this clipboard manager! It is obvious you've put a lot of thought into its usability!
    2. The ONLY feature i'd like to see improved is a faster way to paste history items. The search is GREAT but once i find what i wanted to paste, i have to rightclick->copy to clipjump then select the application i wanted to paste in and paste. Any chance of a shortcut key to copy the clip to clipjump and then close the history window or something like that?

  4. first of all thanks for this utility

    ========== how about options:
    copy or not... images
    copy or not... paths
    copy or not... list of files copyed ... [File/Folder]

    i use to need only text in clipboard

    ========== about history:
    when i erase an img from ctrl + x + x
    it doesn't dissapear from histroy window

    by the way...
    clear history button
    only erase the clipboards from the window
    but not from "history"
    should be a button or option
    "clear clipboards in this window"?

    ========== about search option:

    when you type something and find it
    it could be highlight the character(s) found?
    and auto select the first find?
    and with an Enter bring me the item to clipboard?
    so y can... one of two things
    hide the window and...
    automatically paste to the previous window
    or just hide the window so...
    i can paste the clipboard item to where i want

    one more thing
    instead of type something
    how about when i press the "down" key
    (now it only happens with Tab key)
    change focus to the history items area
    so i can choose the one i need
    and also with an enter
    hide the window
    and the item where i pressed Enter
    is now in clipboard
    and not send me a window to edit
    to edit the clipboard
    that could be with a "ctrl + enter"

    thanks in advance

    from Mexico: AMS

    1. Thanks for your interest.

      I don't think the 'copy or not' datatype for each data-type is a need as it complicates the program and I am keen to keep it as simple as it is. Moreover, most of the users will want those features.

      I dont understand what 'window' means here .. Clear history does work fine. If you are looking to delete Clips too, use Ctrl + x + x + x

      ============= Search

      Good suggestions . I would consider them now after working out off the basic features of the program.

  5. Hi,

    how about chance the "Win + C"
    with another convination
    for launch the history window

    and in the .ini file set:
    Run At Start Up = 0 or 1

    from Mexico: AMS

    1. About a customizable shortcut, I would say that's a frequent suggestion and I will think on that.

      >> About Run at Start up, you just disable it from the tray menu and it will not disturb you again.

  6. I get an error that cj needs to run as admin. Any way to run without admin access?

    1. Not for this version as cj can face issues when not ran as admin at times. I will remove the Error box with an option to allow run as non-admin in the next version.