Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clipjump Controller

Clipjump Controller v0.4

Control Clipjump completely

Clipjump Controller is a small-standalone application to control Clipjump.
It can control all aspects of Clipjump, even Clipjump's Clipboard Monitoring. The program is meant for Clipjump 7.0 or above.

There are 2 modes in which the app can be used --
  • Command-line Mode
    You can call ClipjumpControl.exe as clipjumpcontrol.exe <\switch> to perform desired action.
  • GUI Mode
    You can simply run ClipjumpControl.exe to access the GUI. There you will get the whole set of options to control Clipjump.

The Options

There are 3 ways to control Clipjump --
  1. Selective Disable
    As the title is, this will disable only the selected compenents of Clipjump and leave all other un-touched.
    When you run ClipjumpControl.exe , you will see a GUI which will display all the components that can be disabled along with their codes.
    To disable multiple components through the GUI , select them and click OK . The Status Bar will display their summed code . To access this mode from the commandline, sum up the required codes and send it as the primary switch .
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe sum where 'sum' is the summed up code.

    Codes for disabling various functions are given below -
        Clipboard Monitoring - 2
        Paste Mode - 4    
        Copy file path - 8
        Copy folder path - 16
        Copy file data - 32
        Clipbord History Shortcut - 64
        Select Channel - 128
        One Time Stop shortcut - 256

  2. Total Disable
    This will disable all functionalities of Clipjump and it's code (1048576) will be constant for future versions of Clipjump
    It's switch is 1048576
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe 1048576

  3. Enable
    This will enable Clipjump with all the components.
    It's code is 1
    Switch = 1
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe 1


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Clipjump v6.4 released

Clipjump v6.4


  • A True Clipboard Manager - Captures everything
  • Supports preview of Clipboard stored images such as Printscreen captures.
  • Data-Types are meaningless for Clipjump.It just stores everything.
  • Control Clipboards only by using Ctrl+x,Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.
  • Not Mandatory to perform Copy and Cut operations using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X. Even an application's Copy and Cut will be transferred to Clipjump.
  • Clipjump History Tool - View, search and restore old clipboard items.
  • FIX Clipboards at certain positions via FIXATE option.(See FIXATE - A Coders Delight)
  • Add selective cata to System clipboard if needed.
  • Can have as much simultaneous clipboards as possible. (Depends on disk space).
  • Very fast Clipboard switching.
  • Copy current folder path to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+X)
  • Copy selected files path(s) to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C)
  • Idiot-Proof! - Captures Clipboard entries from everywhere, whether it be an external program or Printscreen captures.
  • Disable Clipboard Monitoring when needed (Requires Autohotkey knowledge)
  • Easily Configurable - You can change settings via a GUI.
  • Free, Portable, Open Source

Changes in this version

  • History image is now transferred directly to clipboard
  • Fixed minor bugs with MS - Excel
  • Better (full-in-feature) History Tool now
  • Better preview Window
  • Professional help file included replacing Readme.txt
  • Changed default Image quality to 90, allows high-quality but low in size Clipjump History images.

Got to Clipjump's Official Page

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sublime 4 Autohotkey Tutorial

Sublime 4 AutoHotkey Installation Guide and Tips

Su4AHK is now discontinued. Use Sublime Text AutoHotkey package instead.


  • Download the package from the site or Github.
  • Paste the contents of the package such that sublime_text.exe and Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe lie in same folder
  • Open Avis_Sublime4Autohotkey directory and look for autohotkey.exe and autohotkey.chm -replace with original files.
    Copy your version of AutoHotkey.exe and AutoHotkey.chm to the directory. You may delete -replace with original files if you wish. Replace them with the Ahk version of your choice
  • Run Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe
    This is the main exe and it will run the Su4Ahk patch.
  • Check the System tray for Su4ahk Icon. Right click to see options.


  • To change Context Help(F1), Calltips(F9) , Ctrl+N and GoTo(F7) shortcut keys, click on the option "Open Me for editing" in the Tray Menu.

  • You can also add a Right-Click (Open With) option to use Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe to open .ahk files.

  • You can add more files to helpers/Addons directory and they will be automatically loaded in the launcher.
    Note that the additions are limited only to files inside Addons folder. If there is something that you can't copy in your Addons folder, use it's shortcut.
  • You can also customize launcher. For details on how to do this , see the LaunchQ tutorial.

  • As the Autohotkey Syntax package included is nothing but my Autohotkey repo, you can also keep it updated via Package Control.
    Note that I wont be releasing new versions of Su4Ahk for just (small) Syntax updates. You can always update that part of this package using Package control. See here on how to update (just) Syntax files.
  • Make sure you (the user) and the app has write rights in the directory in which it is kept. Avoid placing the Sublime Text package in Desktop and Windows Folder.


  • Aslike Installing, download the package from Github and then replace with the original files.

Default Shortcuts

  • GoTo - F7
  • Calltips - F9
  • Context Keyword Help - F1
  • New script - Ctrl+N
  • Addons Launcher (Msgbox Creator) - Alt+A

Sublime 4 Autohotkey

Sublime 4 Autohotkey (discontinued)


Sublime 4 Autohotkey is nothing but a patch to accelerate Autohotkey development using Sublime Text.

The Features

  • Syntax-Highting powered by my Autohotkey package.
  • Better Auto-complete
  • Context-Senstive Help - Press F1 and you see the help page of the requested command/function
  • AutoHotkey dedicated color scheme.
  • Launch Msgbox Creator, Windows Spy and everything by an Integrated Launcher (A mod of LaunchQ).
    This launcher can be configured to suit all your needs as like LaunchQ.
  • This Launcher is backed by a Auto-Sync feature that adds every tool/helper script that you add to avis_sublime4autohotkey\helpers\addons directory to it.
    More details on this can be seen in the guide
  • GoTo - Goto [F7] labels, functions, hotkeys and hotstrings in the current editing file.
  • Create New Ahk Script on the fly with the old familiar shortcut - Ctrl+N
  • Want to use Sublime 4 Autohotkey to run .ahk files. You can do that.
    You can use the Open With Dialog to make Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe the default Autohotkey editor.
  • Calltips - Hit F9 (Default) to see Syntax of the underCaret command.
  • Portable - You can confidentally move your ST package with the Su4Ahk patch installed.
  • Works with all versions of ST

Changes in this version (2.6)

  • Better GoTo with search
  • Fixed bug with Context-Sensitive F1 help not working correctly if a previous windows was active

Notes on Usage

  • To install, paste the whole Su4Ahk package such that sublime_text.exe and Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe lie in same folder.
  • Make sure you see the Tray Menu after running Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe
  • Alt+A is the default shortcut for the Launcher. It can be changed a/c need.

Default Shortcuts

  • GoTo - F7
  • Calltips - F9
  • Context Keyword Help - F1
  • New script - Ctrl+N
  • Addons Launcher (Msgbox Creator) - Alt+A

See Guide(Dont Miss)
Download the Sublime 4 AutoHotkey Package