Thursday, July 25, 2013

Clipjump Controller

Clipjump Controller v0.4

Control Clipjump completely

Clipjump Controller is a small-standalone application to control Clipjump.
It can control all aspects of Clipjump, even Clipjump's Clipboard Monitoring. The program is meant for Clipjump 7.0 or above.

There are 2 modes in which the app can be used --
  • Command-line Mode
    You can call ClipjumpControl.exe as clipjumpcontrol.exe <\switch> to perform desired action.
  • GUI Mode
    You can simply run ClipjumpControl.exe to access the GUI. There you will get the whole set of options to control Clipjump.

The Options

There are 3 ways to control Clipjump --
  1. Selective Disable
    As the title is, this will disable only the selected compenents of Clipjump and leave all other un-touched.
    When you run ClipjumpControl.exe , you will see a GUI which will display all the components that can be disabled along with their codes.
    To disable multiple components through the GUI , select them and click OK . The Status Bar will display their summed code . To access this mode from the commandline, sum up the required codes and send it as the primary switch .
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe sum where 'sum' is the summed up code.

    Codes for disabling various functions are given below -
        Clipboard Monitoring - 2
        Paste Mode - 4    
        Copy file path - 8
        Copy folder path - 16
        Copy file data - 32
        Clipbord History Shortcut - 64
        Select Channel - 128
        One Time Stop shortcut - 256

  2. Total Disable
    This will disable all functionalities of Clipjump and it's code (1048576) will be constant for future versions of Clipjump
    It's switch is 1048576
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe 1048576

  3. Enable
    This will enable Clipjump with all the components.
    It's code is 1
    Switch = 1
    Code - clipjumpcontrol.exe 1


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