Monday, July 1, 2013

Sublime 4 Autohotkey

Sublime 4 Autohotkey (discontinued)


Sublime 4 Autohotkey is nothing but a patch to accelerate Autohotkey development using Sublime Text.

The Features

  • Syntax-Highting powered by my Autohotkey package.
  • Better Auto-complete
  • Context-Senstive Help - Press F1 and you see the help page of the requested command/function
  • AutoHotkey dedicated color scheme.
  • Launch Msgbox Creator, Windows Spy and everything by an Integrated Launcher (A mod of LaunchQ).
    This launcher can be configured to suit all your needs as like LaunchQ.
  • This Launcher is backed by a Auto-Sync feature that adds every tool/helper script that you add to avis_sublime4autohotkey\helpers\addons directory to it.
    More details on this can be seen in the guide
  • GoTo - Goto [F7] labels, functions, hotkeys and hotstrings in the current editing file.
  • Create New Ahk Script on the fly with the old familiar shortcut - Ctrl+N
  • Want to use Sublime 4 Autohotkey to run .ahk files. You can do that.
    You can use the Open With Dialog to make Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe the default Autohotkey editor.
  • Calltips - Hit F9 (Default) to see Syntax of the underCaret command.
  • Portable - You can confidentally move your ST package with the Su4Ahk patch installed.
  • Works with all versions of ST

Changes in this version (2.6)

  • Better GoTo with search
  • Fixed bug with Context-Sensitive F1 help not working correctly if a previous windows was active

Notes on Usage

  • To install, paste the whole Su4Ahk package such that sublime_text.exe and Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe lie in same folder.
  • Make sure you see the Tray Menu after running Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe
  • Alt+A is the default shortcut for the Launcher. It can be changed a/c need.

Default Shortcuts

  • GoTo - F7
  • Calltips - F9
  • Context Keyword Help - F1
  • New script - Ctrl+N
  • Addons Launcher (Msgbox Creator) - Alt+A

See Guide(Dont Miss)
Download the Sublime 4 AutoHotkey Package

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