Saturday, June 8, 2013

Clipjump v5.0 Released


  • A True Clipboard Manager - Captures Everything
  • Supports Preview of Clipboard stored images such as PrintScreen Captures.
  • Data-Types are meaningless for Clipjump.It just stores everything.
  • Control Clipboards only by using Ctrl+x,Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.
  • Not Mandatory to perform Copy and Cut operations using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X. Even an application's Copy and Cut will be transferred to Clipjump.
  • Clipjump History Tool - View, search and restore old clipboard items.
  • FIX Clipboards at certain positions via FIXATE Option.(See FIXATE - A Coders Delight)
  • Add selective Data to Windows Clipboard if needed.
  • Can have as much simultaneous clipboards as possible. (Depends on Disk Space).
  • Very fast Clipboard switching.
  • Copy Current Folder path to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+X)
  • Copy selected files path(s) to Clipboard (Ctrl+Alt+C)
  • Idiot-Proof! - Captures Clipboard entries from everywhere, whether it be an external program or PrintScreen Captures.
  • Easily Configurable - You can change settings via a GUI.
  • Free, Portable, Open Source

Changes in this version

  • Added a GUI for editing settings.
  • Added a Clipboard history tool with search to quickly locate old clipboard habitants.
  • Fixed a bug when copying/moving inside zipped folders open in Explorer
  • Enhanced running web links from Clipjump
  • Better About Window now
  • Now "[more]" symbolises more text in current clipboard
  • Fixed a bug where "---> more" didnt appear when moving backwards (Ctrl + C)
  • Now it's possible to suspend Clipjump's clipboard monitoring via Autohotkey script. (See here)


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