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Clipjump Online Guide

Clipjump Online Guide

A Magical Clipboard Manager

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Basic Usage

  • After Downloading Clipjump, unzip it and run Clipjump.exe .
    It's a portable application so no installation is needed.
  • When you run the exe, Clipjump's icon will be seen in SystemTray.

  • Try copying either by Ctrl+C or by Right Click -> Copy or Shift+PrintScreen
  • You will notice a Tip, [Transferred to Clipjump] when you copy something.This will mean that the copy has been succeeded.

  • Now, press Ctrl+V(paste action), you will see a tip containing the file or text to be copied.[This is Paste Mode]. If an Image has been copied, a Window showing your image will pop-up.
    You will have to release Ctrl to perform actions. (You will know later)
    Here, Release Ctrl to paste.

  • To move through Multiple Clipboards, press V again while holding Ctrl. [while in Paste Mode]
    Release Ctrl to Paste.Tap C while holding Ctrl to move backwards.
  • To Cancel Copy, press X while in Paste mode [Ctrl Pressed].
    The tip should change to a Cancel Message. This is [Cancel Mode]
    Release Ctrl to confirm.

  • To Delete Current Clipboard, press X twice in Paste Mode or once in Cancel Mode. The tip should now change to a Delete Message. This is [Delete Mode]
    Release Ctrl to confirm.

    To Delete all Clips, press X thrice in Paste Mode OR twice in Cancel Mode OR once in Delete Mode. The tip should change to a Delete All message.This is [Delete All Mode]

    Release Ctrl and then confirm the confirmation tip with Y to proceed.


  • As you can see, Releasing Ctrl is the basis of performing actions in Clipjump.
  • Also, note that Cancel Mode,Delete Mode and Delete All Mode are inter-related. The program cycles through these modes when you press X while holding Ctrl.
    So, pressing X while holding Ctrl in Delete All Mode will switch back to Cancel Mode.

Settings Editor

This is the Clipjump settings editor. You can choose your Clipjump preferences here.
To get help on any setting, keep the mouse static for a while after moving the mouse pointer over it .
After changing settings, hit Apply and then OK.
Hit Cancel to cancel any changes you made and close the window.

TIP - To disable a shortcut , set it to None . You can do this by focusing cursor in the Shortcut box and then tapping Backspace once.

Clipjump History Tool

Clipjump's Clipboard History tool can be a real life saver when it's time comes.
This tool stores record of all the clipboard items transfered to Clipjump in the last "x" days. The "x" days can be selected a/c your preference from the settings editor.
To open the Clipboard History tool , you can also use the keyboard shortcut - Win+C other than the Tray Menu shortcut.
To load full-size clip from the list provided by History tool, double-click on the item.
To delete a history item , Right-click on it and select "Delete".

Tip - To view only Clipboard images in the History list, you can filter the listing something like [Double-click to view image]

Partial Searching
When the checkbox 'Partial' is checked , the History Tool follows a partial checking pattern. Now you will be able to filter the Histroy List with Space delimited terms and only those clips will be shown which have all those space delimited terms in them.

The Preview Window
The History Preview Window previews the requested history clip. It supports preview of all types of clips from text to images. When previewing text , you have the option to search for terms (Ctrl+F) and the searching algorithm inhibits the 'Partial Searching' setting from the History Tool.
When previewing images , you can enlarge the image by resizing the preview windows . Maximize it to see the maximum possible size of the image preview.

Press Space after choosing your desired Clipboard item in the history Gui to paste it directly to the underlying window.
This method necessarily closes the History GUI.
TIP - To force Insta-Paste to write to Clipboard (Clipjump) when it is used, change instapaste_write_clipboard to 1 in the [Advanced] section of Settings.ini file.

Incognito Mode
When in Incognito mode, the Clipboard history will not be captured by Clipjump and the Clipjump icon in the System tray will fade (become greyyish).
This feature can be very useful for maintaining Privacy.
To ever enable Incognito mode, use the Tray menu.

Disabling the History tool - Change the Number of days to keep items in History setting to 0 to permanently disable History tool. This will make Clipjump automatically start with the Incognito Mode ON as a symbol to show that History is not captured.
Please note that disabling the history tool in the way as said above will not delete old history items unlike to the fact that if you change the Number of days to keep items in History from 50 to 2, the history older than 2 days will be deleted by Clipjump.

Changing History Tool shortcut - The History tool shortcut (Win + C) can be changed or disabled via the Clipjump Settings (Setting.ini) file. Just open the file and search for the key history_K in section [Advanced].
By default, you will see the history_K key with the value Win + C. Empty this value to disable shortcut for History Tool or change this value to a preferred shortcut to change the History tool shortcut.
Example values of history_K are -

The 3rd item is left blank to demonstrate the empty (NULL) value which disables the shortcut.

Resetting Clipjump

[v9.5+] To reset Clipjump to its default settings and remove all the data created by Clipjump on your computer , use this option . The option can be found in the About window for Clipjump. The data that will be removed includes history items, paste mode clips, extracted icons and the settings file.

Shortcut List

Ctrl Held/Pressed
V - Activate PASTE-MODE and move forward through Multiple Clipboards (from 1 to 2 , 2 to 3)
C - Move backwards through Multiple Clipboards (from 3 to 2 , 2 to 1)
S - Add current Clip to Windows Clipboard [Selective Windows Clipboard Option]
X - Toggle between, Cancel,Delete,Delete All MODE
Space - Fix/un-fix a clipboard at its position.
Z - Toggle Formatting for Clips
E - Export current Clipboard

Ctrl+Shift+A - Action Mode
Win+C - Open Clipjump Clipboard History Tool
Ctrl+Shift+C - Open Clipjump Channel Selector
Ctrl+Alt+C - Copy File Path
Ctrl+Alt+F - Copy file content
Ctrl+Shift+Z - PitSwap

Now see Advanced topics
Learn about Clipjump Channels


  1. This is probably the answer to my predicament. A web page requires information and has to be populated by information from a desktop application. I would normally copy the info of a field and paste it to the web page field. I do this to all the fields and to tell you it is so cumbersome! From the desktop application (I wrote it) I can program a multiple copy to clipboard and hopefully ClipJump can take care to the multiple copies. Is this doable?

    1. So, you can program a multiple copy to the clipboard.
      Let me know how do you do that. Copy a string separated by some delimiters to the clipboard OR some macro copy one , paste in web page, copy another, again paste and so on.

      Note -- Clipjump will capture everything that is given to Windows Clipboard provided they are given at a maximum delay of 0.1 (or even less) seconds.

      The best thing you can do now is try. If Clipjump does capture it well and good.

  2. The app is great! Actually, Delphi text boxes has a property to copytoclipboard function. I wrote the routine with a delay of 1 second (compensate for slow system). What I like to do now is to write a line to clear ALL clips before capturing a new set of data. Also, I saw on AHK forum that you have a script for ClipJump, where do I download it?

    Thanks for your work!

    1. Thanks for your well wishes !
      I really want Clipjump to be famous. It's the most productive clipboard manager out here.

      Can you please recommend Clipjump to as many people as possible. Please, help spread the word

  3. I found the source for clipjump. However, upon reading it I found myself lost. I need to learn how to write advanced ahk script:{

    I have some questions regarding the clipjump clipboards. Is it written in memory or in file somewhere? I also want to know the load value of the application, i.e. if Clipjump is loaded then I will activate the multiple copytoclipboard option otherwise I will hide the option from the user.

    thanks again

    1. The clipboards are written in files which are hidden and which in turn are in cache directory as touching them can cause problems.

      Load value ?? Not Getting it.

  4. I have mentioned ClipJump to Practice Fusion ( One main problem is that PF accepts upload of 50 or more patients only. If a single patient data is uploaded it has to be typed in one at a time. Clipjump took care of this problem as I could copy to clipboard programmatically. Forget about loadvalue. I took care of this in an ini file.

    I need to clear all clipboards. Can you tell me what calls to make? -- or can I assign a function key to do this? What key sequence to I need to do this?


    1. Hey Chicago, havent you seen this guide [in basic usage,just above Notes]

      Shortcut to delete all clipboards[here in the guide] Hold Ctrl, press X thrice and release Ctrl.

      Hey, but tell me, is using Clipjump so confusing that you werent able to follow it OR it was your ignorance. Is this guide not really helpful.

      And tell me , have you learnt to perform other: Cancel, Delete, Fixate and Selective Windows Clipboard option in Clipjump.

  5. Hey be nice! I am trying to simplify its usage for other users and not for me. As a programmer, I always try to make it as simple as possible. Ergonomically I would like to see the clear clipboards with one stroke. Please do not call me ignorant. Trying to be nice...

    1. LOL, I don't think Avi realizes the the word Ignorant is durogatory in US English. It is not in England as it can simply mean "unaware". I have some European friends, that's why I know.


    2. Thanks Luke,

      There you get it Chic, Ignorant is not that bad Word here. Not an Abuse

      And why I dont think it's good to have a separate hotkey for Delete All is that -

      > Clipjump can limit the maximum number of Multiple clipboards if you want , so dont worry.
      > The Clips dont take much space.
      > The newest clip occurs forward-most, no need to move around
      > Delete All doesnt sound as that special a thing that it should be given separate hotkey.
      > And the Final reason, I want to have as less hotkeys as possible, so that users dont find it History.

  6. Hi,
    I'm trying to run ClipJump v3 as an AHK script (work doesn't allow non-approved executables to be downloaded). I get the following error;
    Error at line 650
    Line Text: for window in ComObjCreate("Shell.Appplication").Windows
    Error: This line does not contain a recognized action
    This program will exit.
    I'm running AutoHotKey v1.0.48.05 on XP.

    1. Use AHK_L
      The one you get from

      You are currently using AHK_Basic

    2. That was it, thanks. Don't know how I downloaded the wrong version.
      Runs now. I'll let you know how I get on...

  7. Hi,
    Still doesn't play nicely with me and Excel. I still get the multiple entries and it takes longer to paste than with clipjump (measuring from ctrl off). I'm using Excel 2010.

    1. That should read
      "it takes longer to paste with clipjump "

    2. Make Sure you -

      > have v3.0 - latest
      > are running the lot with AHK_L ANSI
      > have seen the above Notes (2nd point) i.e press Ctrl+C as swiftly as you can . Just dont be lazy

    3. Hi,
      Yes I have version 3, I have v1.1.09.04 of autohotkey, and I am very careful to press Ctrl+C swiftly. Saying that I seem not to get the buffer filling anymore. But it's still slow. For example, I can press Ctrl+V, release, then move down with the arrow key and it pastes on the cell below (i.e. the down arrow is processed before the buffer paste). I cannot do this when I don't run ClipJump.
      Anyhow, still think it's a great tool with real promise. I may use it anyway, it's just Excel is a bit of a pain.

    4. Ya, it may be possible, specially if you are a pro-typer.

      GOOD NEWS:
      I have managed to remove duplicates even if you hold Ctrl+C till eternity. No need for swiftness.

      The Paste algorithm has also improved, and i now use the traditional Send, ^v technique,
      so you can expect faster pastes now.

      The above should be out by tomorrow.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hi Avi this is wonderful!

    One feature request. I often want to paste some text but strip it of any formatting (for example when pasting into an office document where I want the pasted text to appear with the same formatting as the document). Would it be possible to be able to paste without formatting using some key combination...



    1. Thanks,

      There are ways to make this happen but it isn't currently available. A newer version may have it though I feel specifications like this can make the program complex . If you are familiar with Autohotkey, the language Clipjump is made in, it will take nothing but a little tweak to get the program work you way. If you agree , it would also be better to post in Clipjump's Autohotkey Forum topic rather than here (for formatting reasons) .

    2. Can't you map it to Ctrl+Shift+v to be paste without formatting? This is what Word uses normally for choosing to "Paste Special" which allows you to choose paste without formatting, so users would naturally find it.

  10. @Corey
    Allowing that feature in the Clipjump exe package is ridiculous as it will effect the general public.
    It will be better if you use Clipjump's Autohotkey source for your customization. You can catch Clipjump's autohotkey topic for all those needs.

  11. @Avi Aryan
    just uninstalled the Clip magic, and now running your clipjump. It is great. thanks a ton

  12. It doesn't seem to work with windows 8, it doesn't paste and the history stays empty.

  13. Does it copy. Do you see the "Transferred to Clipjump" Text ?

  14. yes I do: But when I paste it says Clipjump is empty. Also win+c is a windows hotkey now.

  15. Try running Clipjump.exe has administrator.
    Do the previous versions of Clipjump worked ?
    What are the specs of your Win 8 installation ? I have asked another Win 8 user and it works as usual there.

    Make sure two copies of Clipjump.exe are not running at the same time . This doesn't happen but still there are chances.

  16. >Try running Clipjump.exe has administrator.
    Should've thought of that myself, works for me now... Is there anyway I can get this to run for a non-administrator user (business environment)?

  17. No because Clipjump saves clipboard by writing them to temp files. If you don't give the access , it can't save clipboard as well as history files to the disk AND so it won't work.
    But dont worry, Clipjump neither touches the C:/ drive (if you keep it out of it OR on a thumb drive) nor the registry . It stores all the files and settings in it's root folder.

  18. Great work!
    Using only the Ctrl key to do anything is really efficient.

    If I may express two suggestions:
    * Give the user the possibility to reverse the order (backwards/forward) when moving through clipboards (or reverse the clipboards numbers, which whould obviously have the same effect). At least in some situations, it is handier that way.
    * Reduce or add the option to set the delay before the tooltip vanishes when copying/pasting. I was confused at first, but it's because the actions are ignored while the last tooltip is still displayed. When dealing with simple text fragments, it should be done instantly.

  19. Thank you Arcanod !

    *You can use Ctrl[held] then C to move backwards and V to move forwards
    [Tap C while holding Ctrl to move backwards.]

    *Very Good idea. I will think on this !

  20. My pleasure. :)
    Regarding the first suggestion, what I meant is the possibility to change the direction of the cycle, i.e. Ctrl-C to move forwards abd Ctrl-V to move backwards. Because as it is, if you want to past strings in the same order that you copied them, you first need to press V then C (instead of V twice, which is a bit faster). It's netpicking, of course.

  21. This is remarkable software, thank you.

    Can you explain what the "threshold" value does?

  22. Ah, disregard, found it in the help bubblle!

    REALLY remarkable software... Thanks again!

  23. Is it possible to copy "n" distinct items to the clipboard and then by using CNTL+V repeatedly, paste those "n" distinct items? I know that's a very useful feature some more sophisticated clipboard managers use and was wondering if Clipjump has it as well.

  24. I'm also interested in that functionality.

  25. Obviously. Make sure you go through the guide . You should also see animation for a preview

  26. hi there. i'm using your amazing software for a month already. one litle annoyance is different locales, ie Russian, which on ^c makes clipjump send c instead of copying. That generally is changed by something like that, so it's just changing the scipt's locale to the caller's one, but it's hard to figure out the best place to put it in the code.

    ; Remember the current mode of hidden windows detection
    DetectHiddenWindows_Before := A_DetectHiddenWindows
    ; Switch to "operating with hidden windows" option
    DetectHiddenWindows, On
    ; Remember the current mode of searching windows by title
    TitleMatchMode_Before := A_TitleMatchMode
    ; Switch to "search in any part of the window title" mode
    SetTitleMatchMode, 2
    ; Remember the current numerical format
    FormatInteger_Before := A_FormatInteger
    ; Switch to the hexadecimal format
    SetFormat, integer, H
    WinGet, Active_Window_ID, ID, A ; Get ID of the active window
    Active_Window_Thread := DllCall("GetWindowThreadProcessId"
    , "UInt", Active_Window_ID, "UInt", 0)
    ; For the active window, get ID of its thread through Win API
    Lang_In_Window := DllCall("GetKeyboardLayout", "UInt", Active_Window_Thread)
    ; Get the current layout for a found thread of the active window through Win API
    ; Get ID for the window of the script
    WinGet, Script_ID, ID, %A_ScriptName% ahk_class AutoHotkey
    SendMessage, 0x50,, %Lang_In_Window%,, ahk_id %Script_ID%
    ; Switch the script keyboard layout to the layout identical to the active window
    ; Restore the "hidden windows detection" mode
    DetectHiddenWindows, %DetectHiddenWindows_Before%
    ; Restore "search windows by title" mode
    SetTitleMatchMode, %TitleMatchMode_Before%
    ; Restore numerical format
    SetFormat, integer, %FormatInteger_Before%
    } ; End of the function

  27. How on Russian keyboard do you copy text ? Don't you have Ctrl+C ? Please see and answer the question therein.

    As for you question, you will have to use your function in the nativeCopy: and nativeCut: labels in Clipjump.ahk , right after the Critical command.

    By the way, I am not really sure on your question. Should I use this as a default in Clipjump to change script layout ?

  28. actually i'm not sure what happens, the ^VK43 works normally in Russian layout, but if the caller's locale is russian, i don't see nativeCopy in clipJump being called at all. And "c" is just sent to the input, replacing selected text. You can easily try that, changing locale to Russian (or other - i tried for Bosnian as well).

  29. Take a look at 9.7b1 and see if it works for your keyboard.

  30. that works like a charm, thank you.

  31. the whole trick was using scan codes inplace of bare keys . What do you prefer, scan codes or virtual keys ?
    I have that scan codes may differ from system to system so just wanted to know your advice !

  32. Thanks a lot for letting me know about the keyboard layouts . Some of the bugs that users have reported were just because of this and now I know how to fix them.

  33. hi. thank you so much great program. I have a big problem. when I use clipjump, sometimes cannot paste and copy.

    when ctrl+v is pressed the message is signed [the preview/path cannot be loaded].

    [the preview/path cannot be loaded].

    I maken some effort but I cannot solve it. plese help me...

  34. That message is shown when non-text object (like printscreen image) is copied to Clipjump and it is not previewable. What do you copy which gives you that error ?

  35. Thanks your reply. I often copy web page's texts and paste into excel. when I copy texts, sometimes I can see the message "transffered into clipjump {default}" so I check ctrl+v v . at that times, I can see the message [the preview/path cannot be loaded]

    AND Avi . there is one more question. when I copy excel text 2 times (ctrl+v ctrl+c) sometimes excel program shut down. tell me what is problem? how can I?

    thanks you much.

  36. Maybe what you copy and think as 'text' in webpages is not text . Maybe they are fash