Friday, September 6, 2013

Clipjump Advanced Topics

Action Mode

Action Mode provides a clean user-friendly interface to execute almost all the other components of Clipjump. Activated with the default configurable shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A , it provides easy keys to run components of Clipjump.
Action Mode easy keys can be changed via the Advanced section of the Settings ini file.

The Fixate Option

The Fixate option is meant to hold a current Clipboard at a fixed position while positions of all other Clipboards change.
Thus, if a Clipboard is fixed at [Clip 1], it will stay there at Clip 1 even after numerous Copies and Cuts.
This can be useful if you want a Clipboard entry to be easily accessible every time you go in Paste Mode using Ctrl+V.
Please note that Clipjump remembers last pasted clip's position. So, if you have just pasted [Clip 5], Clipjump will start from [Clip 5] the next time you press Ctrl and then V [Paste Mode].
A workaround to go to [Clip 1] quickly can be going into [Cancel Mode] after pressing Ctrl+V and canceling and then again pressing Ctrl+V. Clipjump will now start from [Clip 1]

Using Fixate
Pressing SPACE while in [Paste Mode] toggles the Fixed status of a Clip.
If you reach the clip of your choice and want to fix it, press SPACE and you will notice a "[FIXED]" written after (Clip x of y).
This means the Clip is Fixed there. As said above , pressing SPACE again on the fixed clip will remove the FIX from it and the "[FIXED]" from the tip will disappear.

Note that the DeleteAll option will delete FIXED Clips too.

Changing Paste-Mode shortcut

To force Clipjump Paste Mode to be activated by some other key other than Ctrl+V, you can use the Settings editor of Clipjump.
Simply open the editor and look for the Paste Mode(Ctrl +..) value in the Shortcuts group. Change the default V in the box to some other key to make the Clipjump Paste Mode to be activated by the Ctrl combination of that key. Make the value blank to disable Clipjump Paste Mode.

Copying Paths to Clipjump

  • Pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C will copy path(s) of selected files in all file managers including Windows Explorer.
  • Using Action Mode and then X will copy path of current opened folder in all file managers including Windows Explorer. You can also create an independent shortcut for this function in the Settings Editor.

Both of these shortcuts can be changed/disabled with the Settings Editor.

Copying File content to Clipjump

  • Pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+F will copy selected file's content to Clipjump.
  • This function works with all file managers including Windows Explorer.
  • This module will also work on Image files and exported Clipboard files (.cj).

One Time Stop

Many a times you have applications that use Clipboard's common transfer to extract data from various locations. These apps can be a headache when used with as consistent a tool as Clipjump.
The One Time Stop feature just solves this problem. Available with a configurable independent shortcut which is by default unassigned, you can call it once to make Clipjump automatically ignore the last data and linked content that is transferred to System Clipboard and so Clipjump. In this period, what really happens is that the Clipjump Clipboard Monitoring is deactivated , a feature which can be controlled via Clipjump Controller.
NOTE - When Clipboard Monitoring is disabled (as in One Time Stop) , Clipjump's tray icon will become dark.

WARNING - One Time Stop is deactivated when Paste Mode is accessed in the ignore period.

Selective Windows Clipboard

Many a times there are situations where you are not allowed to paste using the old shortcut Ctrl+V (like in Command Prompt).
There the Selective Windows Clipboard Option comes handy.

Cycle through the clipboards by Ctrl+V or C .When you reach the clip of your choice, press S while holding Ctrl.
You will see a Confirmation (System Clipboard has Clip x) in form of tip. That's it.
Now, the Right-Click > Paste Or any other option to Paste other than the old Ctrl + V will paste the Clip you had choose like it is currently stored in System Clipboard.

No-Formatting Mode

No formatting mode truncates formatting from Clipjump clips when they are pasted.
To access this mode, use the "Z" key as the toggle when in [PASTE MODE]
Press "Z" once while in [PASTE MODE] and you will see a [NO-FORMATTING] in the Tip.
This will mean all the clipboard data pasted from now onwards will have Formatting truncated.
To disable this mode, press "Z" again while in [PASTE MODE] and the [NO-FORMATTING] text will disappear.

Note that that the No-Formatting setting doesn't mean that clips copied will not have any formatting, this means that the formatting will be removed from them temporarily when they are pasted.

TIP - To make Clipjump start by default in NO-FORMATTING mode , see the option Start with No Formatting Enabled in the Settings editor.

Sound when copied

[v9.8.1+] Clipjump can be configured to make system beep when some data is copied to it. The setting can be found in the Settings editor as "Beep when copied.

To change the frequency of the beep played, navigate to the Advanced section of settings.ini and change the value of beepFrequency to your liking.

Export and share Clipboards

Clipjump supports exporting clipboards as files which can be stored as a record OR send to a friend.
The feature is accessible by tapping E in [PASTE MODE] and by the shortcut Ctrl+E in the Clipjump History Tool.
The Clip or Clipboard when exported will be saved in "My Documents" with a name export[x].cj where x is a variable.
The .cj file extension when used with Copy File Data directs Clipjump to load the file contents into itself.

Disable Clipjump

[v9.7+] You can disable Clipjump ( i.e. Clipboard Monitoring and Paste Mode ) from the Tray Menu as well as Action Mode. In Action Mode, this option is available with the easy key D
. To have more control over Clipjump, see Clipjump Controller .

Ignore(d) Windows Manager

Clipjump can be temporarily automatically suspended when a certain window is active with this feature. The feature requires the active window's class which can be very easily managed with the Ignore(d) Windows Manager located in the Tray Menu>Tools or in the Action Mode with easy key L.
Use the Add Class buttton in the manager to start a tooltip application that shows the class of the active window. To make a window active, simply make it foreground by left-clicking on it.
Use Delete Class button to delete a value.

Note that you will have to restart Clipjump once you have made changes to the Settings.ini for them to take effect.


Showing the Pasting tooltip - You can make Clipjump show a Pasting.. tip when you paste some data. To do so, change the value of Show_pasting_tip in the [Advanced] section of Settings.ini to 1.

Setting shortcut to copy to system Clipboard (bypassing Clipjump) - You can also create a unique shortcut in Clipjump to copy/cut data only to System Clipboard and not Clipjump. To create these shortcuts, open the [Advanced] section of Settings.ini and write down shortcut values for windows_copy_shortcut and windows_cut_shortcut. As you may have guessed, these shortcuts are disabled by default and by writing shortcut values for them in the ini you create them.
These shortcuts can be very useful when in need to copy sensitive or crap information of the Clipboard.


  1. GSCopy
    Pro v6.0 (RoboCopy Alternative) with Open File Agent

    GSCopyPro is
    a single command-line tool (CLI) that can copy, replicate and move files from
    one folder to another. This folder can be on the same machine/ server or
    another server elsewhere. What makes GSCopyPro stand out from other competitors is the fact it works on 32-bit as well as 64-bit
    systems and has no restrictions. It can easily be scheduled to run as
    a scheduled task and fully automated. GSCopyPro also comes with an open file
    agent which can copy files that are locked/ opened by other processes. This
    feature is supported in all windows versions from widows XP/ 2003 and later.


  2. Avi, I just found and loaded this tool because of a project requiring lots and lots of copy and paste - such a great help. I think that it would be a nice addition to be able to a) see what channel that a clip is in while viewing the history and b) even nicer if, when i copy something to the wrong channel if there was an option to copy/move that clip to the channel I meant it to be in.

  3. a) You mean the History Tool ? History Tool and Paste Mode are different things and are mutually exclusive. Both have their own copies of data. When a history item is created for a clip transferred to any channel of Clipjump , it is just created based on the contents of that data .

    b) I will see on this.

  4. Yes, the History Tool. I see it as a great place to find which channel a clip is in. At the time of ctl-c the channel list gets updated and so does the history, so just add to the history list a field that tells the name of the channel that the clip was put in. Or, have some way to search for that clip that I just know I made, but don't remember which channel it is in.

  5. Added to my Todolist.