Monday, July 1, 2013

Sublime 4 Autohotkey Tutorial

Sublime 4 AutoHotkey Installation Guide and Tips

Su4AHK is now discontinued. Use Sublime Text AutoHotkey package instead.


  • Download the package from the site or Github.
  • Paste the contents of the package such that sublime_text.exe and Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe lie in same folder
  • Open Avis_Sublime4Autohotkey directory and look for autohotkey.exe and autohotkey.chm -replace with original files.
    Copy your version of AutoHotkey.exe and AutoHotkey.chm to the directory. You may delete -replace with original files if you wish. Replace them with the Ahk version of your choice
  • Run Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe
    This is the main exe and it will run the Su4Ahk patch.
  • Check the System tray for Su4ahk Icon. Right click to see options.


  • To change Context Help(F1), Calltips(F9) , Ctrl+N and GoTo(F7) shortcut keys, click on the option "Open Me for editing" in the Tray Menu.

  • You can also add a Right-Click (Open With) option to use Sublime 4 Autohotkey.exe to open .ahk files.

  • You can add more files to helpers/Addons directory and they will be automatically loaded in the launcher.
    Note that the additions are limited only to files inside Addons folder. If there is something that you can't copy in your Addons folder, use it's shortcut.
  • You can also customize launcher. For details on how to do this , see the LaunchQ tutorial.

  • As the Autohotkey Syntax package included is nothing but my Autohotkey repo, you can also keep it updated via Package Control.
    Note that I wont be releasing new versions of Su4Ahk for just (small) Syntax updates. You can always update that part of this package using Package control. See here on how to update (just) Syntax files.
  • Make sure you (the user) and the app has write rights in the directory in which it is kept. Avoid placing the Sublime Text package in Desktop and Windows Folder.


  • Aslike Installing, download the package from Github and then replace with the original files.

Default Shortcuts

  • GoTo - F7
  • Calltips - F9
  • Context Keyword Help - F1
  • New script - Ctrl+N
  • Addons Launcher (Msgbox Creator) - Alt+A


  1. Great work!! Just added a "Symbol List - AHK.tmPreferences" to allow Labels to be shown as Symbol when super-R is pressed

    Symbol List: Labels
    source.ahk label.ahk

    s/^(.*)$/[$1] :/g;


  2. Thanks...
    By the way, what is "super - R", not heard in Windows environments ?

  3. When I run your sublime 4 autohotkey.exe... I get the error "unable to run package setup: ... no such file or directory program files\sublime text 2 \data\packages\actionscript\actionscript.tmlanguage"

  4. Does running Sublimetext.exe work ? It looks rather that the file 'actionscript.tmlanguage' which is NOT at ALL related to Su4ahk or AutoHotkey is missing from its place. Can you please confirm.

  5. im getting the same error as alan when i try to run the normal sublime.exe. it runs ok again if i remove all the sublime 4 files

  6. Not sure why this error is for .. Are you using ST 3 or 2 ??

  7. im using version 2. isnt action script adobe flash related? maybe its something to do with having stuff from adobe installed?