Exe2Ahk GUI

Exe2Ahk Gui Final

Strictly meant for Ahk basic.
If you are using Ahk_L sorry your Script may not Decompile.Ahk basic is what you get from www.authotkey.net.

www.autohotkey.com Provides Ahk_L..and Ahk_L help's file says

[As of v1.1.01, password protection and the /NoDecompile switch are not supported. ]

How to Use

Make Sure to keep the three, exe2ahk.exe exe2ahk gui.exe and readme.txt in Same Folder.
Run exe2ahk gui.exe !!
Browse for Source exe,Browse for destination ahk,Enter Password if required and click Run.


>Allows you to use exe2ahk in a GUi Environment.
>Added Option to select where to save .ahk file.
>Has the ability to notify you when your ahk is not extracted i.e you are either hitting a Worng Password Or the exe isn't decompilable

Issues and Important Points

  • Make Sure you write the [correct Password] before decompiling.
  • If no Destination Path of Script will be Selected, *.ahk will be extracted in the folder of the exe.
  • If nothing is typed in Password field,it means Exe has no Password.
  • In some computers,if you are saving .ahk on Desktop you may face Problems when you open the already specified location using the Program.

Bug Fixes

Spaces are no longer an issue as in previous versions.


Option to quickly toggle masked Password ON/OFF
Try Dragging an Exe into the Exe Field.

Version Final - DOWNLOAD

Download a Collection of Compiled Scripts to make sure that your that your exe2ahk is working correctly.
Each has a different password with Spaces,Caps changes..etc



  1. I just can`t get this feature to work.It`s easy to delete the spaces in the .exe name itself,however i can`t find a way to delete the spaces in " C:/ Windows/work file " for example. Any suggestions?

  2. A very Thank you Man, i never knew the problem persisted.A wide thanks for notifying me.As for getting around the Problem,Spaces are no longer an issue. I will update this page for a newer version of exe2ahk [that's 2.0] and is supposed to be [at least by me] to be bug-free.

  3. Hi, I just downloaded Version 2.0 and the same problem exists.I still get the same reason for not decompiling the script.

    Then i also wish to correct a typo in the Gui ( Extarct instead of Extract) but i can`t fix it either.
    Thanx for your patience.

  4. Okay,is your exe with or without Password...if yes does the Password has a Space...If yes i have fixed that problem in the Final version...Also make Sure you are using a Decompilable exe for Decompiling..
    I'm currently working on some other Project so I'have decided to quit this One...Will release the script in some moment of time.
    I will also add on this page a collection of Decompilable exe's .
    Use it to make sure that the program is working correctly.Keep the exe's (any of the 3 provided) in the location you were putting your exe that isnt decompiling..

  5. The Program is Meant for Ahk Basic (The one you get from www.autohotkey.net