Tuesday, May 14, 2013



Fast, Light All-in-one Launcher

version 2.5

LaunchQ is a fast, innovative, straight-forward Application Launcher aimed at making launching desired apps, folders, files and websites super fast and super easy.


  • Portable, free, light, open-source, runs in system tray and consumes minimal memory and mind.
  • One shortcut (Shift + Z) does it all . Press it to show/hide LaunchQ GUI. This shortcut is customizable.
  • Supports unlimited number of launch items.
  • Window Size, Background color, Text color and transparency can be changed a/c needs.
  • Auto-Scrolling - Move your mouse pointer above the LaunchQ window to scroll up, below the window to scroll down OR
    use Mouse wheel for scrolling.
  • Easy Add - Wanna add a file or folder to LaunchQ, drag it into the GUI, choose a name and you're done .
  • Easy Remove - Deleting a shortcut is even more easier. Hold a shortcut and drag it out of the the LaunchQ window .
  • Multi-Launch - Launch multiple shortcuts with a single-click. See Guide to know more.
  • Launch Web-sites too, just click on the bottom Add Web-Site button in the GUI and paste the link.
  • Shortcuts are auto-named intelligently.
  • It can start at system start up, check for updates and get path links from temporary (Desktop) shortcuts.

More help on the above features can be seen in the guide (Illustrated).
Please make sure to go through them.


  • Added option to change Background Color and Text color
  • Scrolling via Mouse wheel now supported
  • Added option to change Transparency

Online Guide

See Source

More Screens


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