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LaunchQ Guide

LaunchQ Guide

Avi Aryan

This guide contains short know-hows of the various features in LaunchQ . It is highly recommended to spend 2 minutes here before starting using the application.
Easy Add
Multi Launch
Easy Remove
Launching Websites 
Changing default hotkey and window size
Changing Colors and Transparency

Auto Scrolling

LaunchQ has an auto-scroll system, no need to drag the vertical scroll bar.
To scroll down, simply move the mouse pointer below the LaunchQ GUI and the auto-scroll will start . Note that the speed of auto-scroll is directly proportional to distance from LaunchQ's lower end. The more you move your pointer down, the faster LaunchQ scrolls down .
To scroll up, do the vice versa . Move mouse pointer above the LaunchQ GUI.
You can also use Mouse wheel to scroll.

Easy Add

Adding your apps and shortcuts to LaunchQ is super easy .
To add custom, just drag the file the folder or the shortcut either on Desktop or windows explorer or the Start Menu* to the LaunchQ GUI.
You will get a prompt to choose its display name on LaunchQ. Choose a Name and you're done .
Optionally, multiple items can be launched via a sinlge item on LaunchQ . See details below.

Multi Launch

You can launch multiple items via a single shortcut in LaunchQ . There are basically two ways to accomplish this --
  • You can drag multiple items into the LaunchQ window [unlike dragging a single item, Easy Add] . To drag multiple items hold Ctrl and select different items. Then drag them collectively to the LaunchQ GUI.
  • If for some reason, you are not able to use the above multi-select method to add different items, you can also add items one be one but that by dragging them onto the Shortcut Name window. The Shortcut Name window is the one which greets you when you drag an item to the LaunchQ GUI.
    Using this method is recommended as it allows adding items one by one and is independent of many factors.(such as multiple windows)

Easy Remove

Deleting items from LaunchQ is very easy. Just hold and drag the item out of the LaunchQ Window.

Launching Websites

LaunchQ can also launch Web Url's.
To add your URL , just click on the yellow Add Web-Site button in the lowermost part of LaunchQ GUI.
Write the URL to launch and click OK. Choose its name in the Shortcut Name window and click Proceed.
Your Web Link is added to LaunchQ.

Changing default hotkey and Window size

To change the default Shift+Z hotkey, either click on the blue LaunchQ in the LaunchQ GUI or the LaunchQ option in the right-click tray menu.
A window should appear.
Press your new key combination. It will be automatically saved. From now, your new hotkey will trigger the LaunchQ GUI.

Window Size is a relative parameter and coressponds to the default LaunchQ 350x500 size . So doing it to 200 will change the window size to 700x1000 .
Note that Window Size changes take effect after closing the Settings window.

Changing Colors and Transparency

Both Text Color and Background color can be changed a/c needs in LaunchQ. Click on Click to Select and select your preference.
Transparency can be changed via Slider. More right the slider, more the opaqueness and vice versa.

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