Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ClipJump v0.1


A Clipboard Management Utility

version 0.1

A Multiple-ClipBoard management utility for Windows.
Allows you to simultaneously use multiple clipboards like never before. Everything that is transfered to your clipboard will get automatically get transfered to Multiple-Clipboards.


  • Supports Preview of Clipboard stored images such as PrintScreen Captures. (See Demo - Requires Flash)
  • Control Clipboards only by using Ctrl+x,Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v.
  • Can have as much simultaneous clipboards as possible. (Depends on Disk Space).
  • Idiot-Proof! - Captures Clipboard entries from everywhere, whether it be an external program or PrintScreen Captures.
  • Configurable - You can change settings by editing Settings.ini
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