Sunday, February 10, 2013

Everything Integration with Autohotkey

Everything Integration with Autohotkey

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You might have used Windows Search in windows 7.
How it is??
Fast .. OR ..Slow

I am Sure many of the users would think the "right option" to be theirs..Actually windows 7 uses Windows Index to search faster.But the index uses lots of memory and captures huge amount of Hard Disk space.
So many of the care-taking,repairing or diagnostic Softwares prefer to Close Windows index to speed up system.This actually speeds up system but leaves you with a very SLOW search.

Luckily,there are many Third-Party Search Engine Softwares which have faster search rates and lower memory consumption.
One of the Lot is the extremely Light and Ultra-Powerful  Everything

Though Everything has a Explorer integration option,its Explorer integration option is not that effective.
For Example--

Lets Suppose you have opened S:/Songs and you have to Search it In Everything,you just can't type in the search box and Search. Instead you will have to go back to S: Dir and Right click on Songs Folder. Then from the Context menu Select "Search Everything".

This can be way too tiring if you search on a regular basis.
Using Autohotkey,here's a script which can make it way too easy..
Here it is:--

Add your Everything path in 2nd line.
when you press "F6" you will have a Everything window where you can Search just in that folder.
When you press F6 and the window appears,type in query and you are done.

In case you are unsure about the above steps and need a ready-made sort of the whole thing (Everything + Script.'s exe)  or you are a non-autohotkey user,leave a comment and i will upload a compiled form of Script.Then make sure to re-check the page after some time.


  1. Hi, I get a 404 message when trying to download "Everything" Any other link available ?

  2. Try going to OR searching Google for Everything Search.

  3. You should mention the fact that you have to specify the path of the "Everything" executable.

    Chaz (@ AHK)

    1. Never mind. You don't have to do that, but it wouldn't run if I didn't. I restarted "Everything" and it ran fine.

      Chaz (@ AHK)

    2. I don't know what I was thinking: you _do_ have to specify the "Everything" executable.

      Chaz (@ AHK)

    3. Hi !
      I have edited the script a bit.

  4. The autohotkey script is missing.
    Please, could you restore it?

    1. I have updated the script .
      If you still dont see it, make your javascript is turned ON.
      Alternatively you can visit the link to see the script