Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Operation Neptune Spear Mission Pack

Operation Neptune Spear Mission Pack

for Counter Strike

Get ready to re-act Operation Neptune Spear,the top-secret mission that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden.
Now, Osama is back with Al-Qaida!
Prepare your forces to repeat the history!
Its time for serious combat!


  • Floyd can be very Productive in close encounters.His Skill may be Low but he is quick on his hand and can do heavy damage to opposition in close Combats.
  • Vern can be very deadly with his Bulpup but he is slow to act..So use him only in maps with long-distance combats.
  • Eddie uses the powerful Sniper Krieg 550 Commando.So he is one of best choices in a Long-distance war.
  • Phil same as Floyd can do damage in close combats.
  • Maverick as usual is your cheap Heavy-Weight.
  • Cole with his low reaction time and m249 para machine gun can be very productive in close matches.
  • Kirk same as Phil and Floyd has low reaction time.
  • Players AVI and Anant have their special qualities.Watch out for them.
  • Ace with his Krieg 550 commando is for me the best choice in your squad for long distance combats.
  • Duke is Special! WATCH OUT
  • The villan is none other than Osama bin Laden that too with his own Skin(Thanks to ankh).He will show surprise entries at different parts of the mission (EVEN in Easy Mode). BEWARE.

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Those who Download the file before 3:00 pm 14/2 may face problems with Osama skin.In that casE,try downloading again from below or separetly get Osamt.mdl from here.


  • I will work on a counter strike bot profile editor (and even a Mission Pack Creator) in the future.Stay Tuned!

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