Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Counter Strike Bot Editor version 1 Released

Avis Bot Creator for Counter Strike v 1

A GUI Bot AI Editor for Counter Strike.


  • Suitable for both CZ Aand 1.6
  • Completely what you see is what you get..
  • No computing Skills required..
  • Easy to Use!!
  • Add custom traits to bots in no time>
  • Developer notes facility to exchange important notes with all the other people who use your bot profile(Requires ABC)
  • Fast Mission Pack helper to copy bot names to your mission packs faster (See Tab --> Extras in ABC)
  • Check for Updates feature to automatically check for updates!
  • Mission Correct facility to correct names of renamed bots in your Mission Packs.

  • Get the Download at GameBanana

    View the Tutorial (Highly Recommended.)

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