Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Windows Play 1.0

Windows Play

This program (made in AHK) will enable playing .mp3 files directly in Windows Explorer OR Desktop.

All you have to do is press Ctrl + P when you have selected a file and that's it.You will notice the song starting magically with no windows..nothing

Also as madplay (Thanks to rarewares.org) is low in size (128 kb) it takes no time to start up.So you will notice and enjoy no-time playing of your songs.
This can prove very useful if you have a slow pc that takes seconds to start Windows Media Player or Anything different for playing.
I have added option to notify you at times where the format you are trying to open is unsupported or for some reason cant be played.


Download Program (Recommended)

Download Script (Ahk)

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  1. i've tried in win xp sp3, it's not work... :-(